Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Lost Boys - Cortland Club Gymnastics

Everybody has something in their lives that they pour countless hours into because they love it. They make sacrifices everyday just to do it and they miss it when it's not there.

For me, club gymnastics has been a place where I can express myself and continue my studies as a student of movement.

This year was the first year we had more guys attending practice on average then we did girls. For us it isn't necessarily about impressing anyone or even doing crazy tricks, it's all about progression.

We spent about a month filming this video and I can't believe how amazing it turned out! Everyone contributed so much to it that I can't thank them enough.

In the future I plan on writing a blog post on Parkour and how it could be practical to teach in a physical education classroom.

For now enjoy the video, The Lost Boys (Part 1 of Warriors Against Time)