Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating a Blog!

My first blog post, this is exciting! I can't wait to look back on this blog in a year and see the leaps and bounds I have made as a student and an educator. I'm not nervous about blogging and I think that it will come naturally as the semester progresses.

Over the break I was able to get in to see some of my old Phys. Ed. Teachers and talk to them about where I am at at Cortland and where I am headed. We talked a lot about new things that were happening in Phys. Ed. because they were interested to see where Cortland is going with PE.

I also am lucky to have a father who is an athletic director and a former PE Teacher who graduated from Cortland. He was able to allow me to observe some middle school classes and even teach some Tchoukball to the students to gain experience.

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