Tuesday, January 24, 2012

St. Mary's: The Beginning (Day 1)

Well my first experience working with kids in my physical education career has begun and I couldn't be more excited! I knew today was going to be hectic considering that there was 20 students going and 7 TA's. I really enjoyed the experience regardless. Meeting some new Phys. Ed. Majors and watching the TA's run activities makes me excited for the rest of 201.

I was really impressed with St. Mary's program because everything seemed well planned out and very structured. (Minus the gym, it was chaotic) But going around to all the different rooms and meeting different students was the highlight of my day (aside from playing house with the pre-k students...I'm really too big to play house.)

The Parachute games were run very smoothly and I thought that the TA's did a wonderful job showing us an example of a solid lesson structure. The kids all had smiles on their faces when they got to go under the parachute and become "sharks." Simple games like parachute should be utilized more often in my opinion.

From what I could tell the students also had pretty good motor skills. In the first game the students showed that they, for the most part, understood the difference between run, jump, hop, skip, and gallop.

I look forward to working with the students in the future!

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