Monday, April 23, 2012

An Adventure Through Lava...With Sunshine and Smiles

We couldn't have asked for a better day at St. Mary's for Lab 5! The sun was out and shining bright, the students were well behaved and ready to play, and all my classmates (from 201) had high energy!

At first we went right outside to the playground to play with the pre-schoolers. Personally, I think pre-schoolers are a lot of fun because their imaginations are constantly working and making up games to play, and scenarios to act out. For me, I love to jump in and use m imagination and start adding on to their games and playing with them.

 In this picture we were playing hide-n-go-seek.

Let's just say I was way to big to fit anywhere to actually hide.

As the time went by on the playground I was impressed by my peers as I watched them playing games of tag, hide-n-go-seek, princess, "Don't touch the ground it's lava", and many other games and scenarios. Everyone was smiling and laughing and having a good time and it is good to see that everyone was enjoying themselves and working well with the children.

As we went inside, Dave went to the pre-school classroom and read them a book as Mallory and I went and set up a game for the student in the gym. I went first and set up a little "adventure" game where Steve hid behind a mat, and in front of the mat was a "lava" pit. The students had to throw the plush spiders over the pit and into the mat, but while I was explaining the game I would toss a spider into the mat and after I turned around Steve would throw it back out.

I would wait for the students to say something and I would try to react like nothing was going on. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to plan out the game, because if we did I think we really could have made an intriguing game and had a little bit of confusion and adventure. But thanks to Steve for helping because the kids loved it!

In this picture I was telling them to be quiet because we had to check behind the mat to see if anyone was actually in there. At the moment I was about to open the mat, Steve slipped out the other side. For a brief moment the students were in awe because they had thought someone was back there, but when they saw Steve stand up they all ran over to him and were yelling "HE WAS IN THE PIT!"

For my last piece I wanted to say thank you to St. Mary's. Thank you to the students and faculty for allowing our 201 class to come to St. Mary's to learn and teach. 

You can check out my Lab 5 Write up here! 

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