Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lay Ups and Hang Ups in Lab 4

Okay so it is safe to say that all the older boys at St. Mary's could play Basketball every day and be happy. I thought that by making a game that involved dribbling would be of interest to them. So I started off my lesson by saying that we were going to play a game "like" basketball but as soon as they realized that they wouldn't be shooting only dribbling one of the boys looks at me and says, "This isn't basketball at all."

I didn't know how to respond to that statement and that student ended up not playing the game. To me that was a huge failure because I had the opportunity to keep him in the game but I didn't think fast enough on my feet to draw the student back in.

Thinking on my feet is something I need to be more aware of, especially in the language I use when explaining a game to children. If expressed the wrong way they could lose interest, but it doesn't work smoothly all the time and now I will be aware of the fact that I need to re phrase my instructions.

Take a look at my Lab 4 analysis here.

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