Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Supervising The Great Debate of 2012!

I first need to apologize for not wearing the proper attire for class today.

With that being said lets begin discussing what the Great Debate is and why it was so important for class. According to Professor Yang's blog post on Rockstar PE, "The Great Debate is on to determine which curriculum emphasis is more appropriate for the students in New York State." 

As the Superintendent of the School Board it was my job to make sure that the schedule (scroll all the way down the page for schedule) was to be followed and time was to be managed correctly. I thought we made it through everything we had to get to but I think it would have been more beneficial to have this debate over a two day period so that teams would have more opportunity to present their arguments. 

At first everyone seemed very timid, but once the time for rebuttals came the Great debate seemed to get very heated. If you were following the debate by watching it LIVE on ustream, or on Twitter you would have seen tweets like these: 

In the end of the debate the School Board deliberated and decided that both the Skills group and the and the Lifetime activities group made valid arguments. We also wanted to shout out the Sticks in Sports group because we thought they did an excellent job presenting but their curriculum didn't hit the NASPE standards like the Lifetime and Skills group. 

The point of choosing both groups was not because we wanted to make it a tie but rather because we wanted to make a point that the school board thought it would be more developmentally appropriate for grades k-6 to work on skills while grades 7-12 would see more benefit from the lifelong activities curriculum. 

Thanks again to all the groups fore being good sports and great debaters. It was nice to see some passion and fire come from the groups. You all really started to make valid points as to why your curriculum was the one the Board should go with. 

Click this link here to see the post on about the Great Debate. You see our CoverIt live feed as well as our ustream video to watch the debate!  

Also check out this Collage of Luke, Mallory, Dave, and I who were the 4 members of the board! 

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